Tietokoura was founded in 1996, when the internet was still emerging. At the time, we opted to focus on the production of software services for the internet and browsers. We started out by creating web pages and portals. We soon became aware that the internet could be used to improve a number of service processes. An example of this is Kulutus-Web, through which people can enter their own heat and water consumption notifications directly into an invoicing system. At the same time, customers are provided with history data and forecasts of their heat and water consumption.


The internet remains crucial to everyday life, with people making more and more use of online services. Today, our special expertise lies in the energy and water sectors. We also provide comprehensive solutions for other sectors and software companies. We have productised our Enerity solutions for utility companies. We are the Finnish market leader in solutions for electricity trading and the customer communications of utility companies. We continue to produce account management services, often in cooperation with our partners. In addition to our productised services, we provide customer-specific software and consultation packages. We operate at national level – our customers include major players in the energy and water industries.

In the future

We know that the internet is here to stay. Our mission is to explore and realise its potential for your benefit. Tietokoura will continue to provide advanced products and tailored solutions for the energy industry, to partner with software and consultancy firms, and to implement device-independent online service solutions for other industries. We are a growing organisation with a turnover of several million euros. We operate in the Nordic countries and the Baltic Sea region.